Happy Birthday Brother Bernardino

Happy Birthday, Brother Bernardino

Happy Birthday Brother Bernardino

84 years ago was born in Montemesola a man who inspired the lives of many of us.
With his love for Francis and his commitment to restore the most authentic values of Franciscanism, he sanctified his entire life, always living and working for the good and the beautiful. Like a burning candle: luminous and warm!

May each of us carry and keep him today, in the tabernacle of his own heart.

And then, on the eve of his birth into heaven, let us honor and celebrate him together:

Sunday, May 21, 2023 at La Romita di Cesi.

It will be a feast like the one we celebrate in honor of St. Francis, but entirely dedicated to Bernardino. We want it to become an annual gathering to gather all of us in his memory and to honor his great soul.

May he always live in the hearts of the people who met him, knew him and loved him.

God bless you all ✨
See you on May 21! ❤️