Spring 2024

Dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of Romita.

It is with infinite Love that we invite you to celebrate Life on 19 May.

This year, the coincidences of time give us the immense gift of experiencing a triple noble Feast together:

  • Pentecost 2024
  • Anniversary of the heavenly birth of Brother Bernadine (+ 22 May 2022)
  • Birthday of the Romita, which precisely with the Holy Mass of Pentecost on 19 May 1991 saw the beginning of its Sacred Work of Reconstruction.

On Sunday 19 May 2024, at the sacred Franciscan hermitage La Romita di Cesi, starting at 11 a.m. we will sing and celebrate Brother Bernardino, La Romita and the Holy Spirit who has always guided and protected this Project of God.

We await you in great numbers, it will be a great opportunity to meet again in the spirit that Bernardino desired for the continuation of this life project, this Utopia that he managed to realise with so much love, devotion and strength.

What to bring:
Something to share on the lunch table
(savoury pies, cold pasta or rice, sweet cakes, etc.)
Open heart and a great desire to participate!

Those who come by car and have free places let us know, so that we can organise a lift for some friends who are unable to walk up, in the spirit of brotherhood that distinguishes us.

In order to better organise the day, please call the Romita number 0744283006 to confirm your attendance.
This will enable us to prepare a healthy, tasty and sufficient meal for each of you!

With infinite Love and Gratitude,
See you on 19 May at Romita!