Brother Bernardino

Frate Bernardino was born in Puglia in 1939 and became a friar at the age of 16. He studied theology at the University of Tubingen in Germany and spent 25 years in Assisi accompanying pilgrims and visitors in various languages.

In 1979, he founded the Community of San Masseo in the countryside of Assisi to welcome young people who wanted to experience Franciscan prayer, meditation, fasting, silence, singing, and manual work. He was committed to transmitting the Franciscan message to new generations throughout his life.

In 1991, he heard and followed the call to rebuild the ancient Hermitage of the Romita in Umbria, which had been reduced to ruins, together with hundreds of young people. He lived in the Hermitage and welcomed young people who wanted to experience Franciscan life and pilgrims who walked from Assisi to the Holy Valley or Rome.

Frate Bernardino died in 2022 at his beloved Romita, where he had dedicated his life to living in and with nature and participating in the Liturgy in the Church of San Damiano.

Brother Bernardino

Books by Brother Bernardino

La Romita: utopia?

di (frate) Bernardino edito da Edizioni Thyrus, 2020
ISBN: 9788868081560
125 pages with images
12 Euro

Translations into English and other languages are in preparation.

Brother Bernardino