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  • Dear friends of La Romita
    On October 2 – 2022 we continue a tradition much loved by Brother Bernardino and celebrate St. Francis. (FESTA DI SAN FRANCESCO) Pace e Bene e Amore Infinito La Romita di Cesi
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  • 🌻Dear friends of La Romita🌻
    from Monday 15/08 to Saturday 27/08 we will have the opportunity to experience together a series of meetings dedicated to the spirituality of early Christianity, through in-depth studies on the life and sayings of the Desert Fathers associated with the spirituality of Franco Battiato, whose music and texts often reveal his teachings. To accompany us …
  • The Church of the Annunciation
    The Church of the Annunciation was built by the Brothers at the beginning of the 14th century to accommodate the numerous pilgrims who made their way up here in devotion to Our Lady of the Annunciation and to Francis. Organised on the same model as La Porziuncola, the ‘Mother Church’ of the Franciscan churches, but …
  • The Benedictine Chapel
    The Benedictine Chapel, restored by Francis in 1213, is the oldest building, the original nucleus of the Hermitage. The Saint arrived there from nearby San Gemini where they had told him about a beautiful and solitary spot in the woods suitable for meditation with an old chapel dedicated to Our Lady. On a panel in …
  • 10 July – 2022
    Immense gratitude for the wonderful cloudless day, which, with a light breeze, welcomed the Ashes of Brother Bernadine for his last journey.Once again he managed to unite us all in one great embrace of wonder and joy. Laudato si’, mi’ Signore, per Frate Vento et per Aere et nubilo et sereno et onne tempo, per …