Documentary about Fra Bernardino (call for participation)

Hello dear friends of Romita and good afternoon,

We are writing to ask you to take part in the realisation of a great project by Marina Greco, Fra Bernardino’s niece, and her son Cesare.

It is a documentary film about Fra Bernardino and his pioneers of Romita.

In addition to the footage that is already being shot, we are collecting material from the past.

We are looking for significant photographs and videos that can pass on Bernardino’s personality and philosophy (especially with regard to willpower and faith). Willpower and faith, which can be strengthened despite great efforts and doubts and thus transform both experiences and a seemingly predetermined fate.

Please send the image material exclusively with Wetransfer to the following e-mail by 21 November 2023 if possible:

Documentary about Fra Bernardino (call for participation)

Many thanks in advance.

Peace and all the best and endless love

The Romita of Fra Bernardino