Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them. For the kingdom of God belongs to people like them”.

Mk 10,14


Please register by email or phone and provide us with your full name, address and phone number, planned arrival and departure.

You can find the contact information under “Contact“.

What to bring along

If possible, your own sleeping bag, torch, sturdy shoes. La Romita has limited electricity and no running water.

La Romita is independent and receives no official funding. We kindly ask for a voluntary donation, depending on your own means.

Those who come to Romita take responsibility in the community.
Therefore respect:

  • the times of rest (15.00 – 19.00). Use your time at Romita to become aware of the power of
  • the power of words. Romita is not a place of empty words.
  • The entire inner monastery area is a special place. The chapel and the
  • The chapel and the church are places of silence. When the bell calls, we go in silence to pray,
  • not only to gather, but also to gather inwardly.
  • The area under the Lebanon cedar is a protected area. Here also
  • our dogs find their rest. Do not disturb them! They guard the Romita lovingly. In the
  • forest live: Wild boars, porcupines, martens, badgers, foxes and wolves.
  • We eat our meals together. Breakfast is always in silence. Often
  • dinner too. Silence does not mean to speak softly, but not to speak.
  • to speak. Body language: facial expressions and gestures, glances, hand movements and
  • a smile say more than a thousand words.
  • Our dogs are not toys! They live free and in a pack. Touch them only
  • when they come to you themselves. Never give the dogs food.
  • We have a cleverly devised water system from the time of the brothers. Cisterns collect the precious rainwater for cooking, washing, showering and for the toilet. Be careful with water and detergents.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the entire inner area of the Romita.